SvOlli's Software

On this pages there's most of the software I've worked on so far. The ones worth releasing, that is.

Partyman A double-deck music player that just keeps playing, using DerMixD as a backend.

A patch for SystemRescueCd This is a patch for the System Rescue CD to modify the PXE booting mechanism to eleminate the need for an additional webserver.

swebget A simple program to get a file from the web to standard output. A nice example for using TCP sockets.

fli4l This stuff I hacked up while I was using FLI4L - The on(e) disk router project. This stuff is now depricated since my server does all the online stuff itself.

SUK - SvOlli's UPN Kalkulator SUK is an rpn (reverse polish notation) calculator written in C++ using the QT library. Though keywords are in english language, help is only available in german as is the homepage. Windows binaries are available thanks to kind permission of Trolltech.

VkTrain - Vokabel Trainer Vokabel Trainer is a rather simple program for vocabulary learning. Again written in QT, again Windows binaries are available thanks to kind permission of Trolltech, and again the software and the homepage are only available in german language.

DMS - Download Management System DMS is a PHP script that handles a restricted download area bound to virtual accounts.Note: DMS currently is still deeply in the beta stadium.