Info about Binary QT Packages for Windows

The Binary Packages for Windows contain the shared library ``qt-mt230nc.dll'', which I'm allowed to bundle due to these E-Mail:
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 10:46:46 +0200
To: Sven Oliver Moll <>
Subject: Re: [Issue N32732] Bundling qt-mt230nc.dll with compiled freeware


On Thursday, 09. okt 2003 20:08 Sven Oliver Moll wrote:

> I developed some software using the QT Non-Commercial Edition, mostly
> during some courses on university, which I want to release as freeware
> in both, source and binary form. For the binary form I use the
> Nullsoft installer. In that package I want to include qt-mt230nc.dll,
> for installation in the program directory, so that's not necessary to
> install the Qt Non-Commercial Edition just to run the program. I'm not
> sure if that's legal by the non-commercial license. I'm willing to
> include any message during installation.
> So here's the question again in short: Is it legal to include
> qt-mt230nc.dll with a freeware program and under which conditions?

Yes you can distribute the qt-mt230nc.dll with your application, but
just this file, if the users are expected to build the application then
you will need to point them to the non-commercial package.

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