SiPHiCo - Simple PHP Hit Counter

The name says it (almost) all. It's a simple hit counter written in php and using sqlite as database. It looks something like this: counter
Including is easy, just put the line
<img src="[path_to_siphico]/?[counter_name]">
and the hits will be counted as the graphic is created. After that the IP will be blocked for further counts (default: 10 minutes).
It requires PHP running on a Webserver configured with sqlite database and gdlib graphics functions. I'm using PHP 7.4.33. It should run on PHP 4.x, but it's completely untested. Graphics output will be done in the same format as input.
Administration (creation of counters, etc.) is done be via a web frontend, which is password protected. There's also a log, a small statistics page and a calendar showing the hits per day in there.
There also is a small function for inclusion of your own php source to count access without displaying an image.
Setup is rather easy: download the archive below and unpack it into the desired location. After that, edit config.php to fit your needs. Finally run "$ php database.php" or open http://url/to/siphico/database.php to create the database. Now everything is setup, and you should be able to log in using the url http://url/to/siphico/admin.php .
Note: this software is mainly coded for personal use. There are no big testsuite runs before a release. This goes especially for the database.php upgrade. Backup your database first! If something goes wrong, please let me know, and I'll provide you with a working database.php.


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New features:Bugfixes:
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