SiPHiCo - Simple PHP Hit Counter

The name says it (almost) all. It's a simple hit counter written in php and using sqlite as database. It looks something like this: counter
Including is easy, just put the line
<img src="[path_to_siphico]/?[counter_name]">
and the hits will be counted as the graphic is created. After that the IP will be blocked for further counts (default: 10 minutes).
It requires PHP running on a Webserver configured with sqlite database and gdlib graphics functions. I'm using PHP 7.3.31-1~deb10u5. It should run on PHP 4.x, but it's completely untested. Graphics output will be done in the same format as input.
Administration (creation of counters, etc.) is done be via a web frontend, which is password protected. There's also a log, a small statistics page and a calendar showing the hits per day in there.
There also is a small function for inclusion of your own php source to count access without displaying an image.
Setup is rather easy: download the archive below and unpack it into the desired location. After that, edit config.php to fit your needs. Finally run "$ php database.php" or open http://url/to/siphico/database.php to create the database. Now everything is setup, and you should be able to log in using the url http://url/to/siphico/admin.php .
Note: this software is mainly coded for personal use. There are no big testsuite runs before a release. This goes especially for the database.php upgrade. Backup your database first! If something goes wrong, please let me know, and I'll provide you with a working database.php.


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New features:Bugfixes:
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